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Hmmmm... 2009 is only five minutes away, according to the time on my computer. So time to say a few words to put 2008 to bed, methinks.

Firstly, thank you to the lovely folk who sent me Christmas cards. Some hand-made, some lovely, others utterly silly (yes, Ali, I'm talking about the zombie sheep...*veg*). So, to Milady Eli, Ali, cookie,flemska, hellcat_punkt, beeej, FCOL (penguin! *whee*),paraka, and kukalaka, thank you and hugs!

Finally, I'm using my Primeval icon, because this has turned out to be a very Primeval year for me, not only with my increased involvement in fandom, but also my increasing friendship with the Denial girls behind the scenes. And especially for getting to know my evil twin, [ profile] fredbassett. And for the Hound getting me back into writing. *glares at Evil Twin*

So, what will 2009 be like, I wonder?

Be well and stay safe! *hugs*


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