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I've been stalking Kayla (formally Jazz, then was Zoe for a short while, but she really isn't a Zoe *g*) for the last few days and I think I have enough now to give you an idea of what she looks like.

The vets put her at just over a year old, and her official birthday is January 28th 2010, which means we have the same birthday! That made me laugh.

Kayla is a blue/cream tortoiseshell with white markings, is a smooch who loves pats and cuddles, and likes to regularly kill her play mousie... *g*

Kayla )
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October 1999 - March 11th 2011

Some of you have noticed that I've been quiet the last few weeks. That was because of my concern over the absolute sweetie I referred to as my nemesis, madame Cally. She had gone off her food after her annual in January, and started dropping weight like a stone. After a couple of visits to my lovely local vets, a blood test last week confirmed that she was in kidney failure. A second steroid injection and an attempt at medication failed, as we couldn't get her to take her pill if she wouldn't eat. Finally, she stopped eating completely on Wednesday night.

After watching Cally's walk develop a distinct wobble, even though she was still getting up on the car and was chasing a butterfly today, I decided that it was cruel to let her slowly starve to death.

So she went to sleep quietly this afternoon, with me with her her the whole time. Tam - [ profile] ts5000 - bless her, was home and dropped everything to meet me at the vets.

Cally was an independent, self-sufficient cat who was happy to sleep for hours on top of the car or in my wardrobe, as long as she knew where I was, but the villa seems too quiet now.

A light on the horizon, though, is the card in my bag for a local cat rescue society who is always looking for homes. I suspect there's going to be much swearing in my near future, but I wouldn't have it any other way. The villa needs a cat. *nods*

Bye bye, my Cally girl. I wouldn't have missed the last eleven years for anything.
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So, we're into a new year and it's time to look back at how my fannish 2010 went. My word count in 2009 was exactly 68,000 words, after finding a drabble I'd forgotten about. And, after looking at my 2010 fic, I seem to be continuing the tradition of one drabble per year. *g*

In 2010, I added two new fandoms, one in passing - Supernatural. The other fandom I wrote for was Numb3rs, which actually had more words written for it than Primeval did if we subtract Silk & Steel and my share of Virtual Season 4. And I think one of my favourite stories this year has to be a Numb3rs one - Poised at the Edge of Destruction. Otherwise known as my Numb3rs zombie fic. *veg*

So, the final total for 2010 was 73,500 words, exactly 5,500 more than I wrote in 2009. This was made up of one SPN story (1570 words), four Numb3rs stories (18,245 words *blinks*) and six standalone Primeval stories (7800 words). The rest was made up of Primeval VS4 (16,252 words) and Silk & Steel (29,633 words). It should be noted, here, that over 45,000 of those words were written in partnership with my Evil Twin, [ profile] fredbassett, and we definitely lived up to our fannish nickname. *veg*

All of the Numb3rs fic was written for [ profile] numb3rswriteoff challenges, and I'll miss that comm. *sigh*

I think, finally, what I was most happy about in 2010, fannishly, was my improvement in skills with computer graphics. [ profile] joereaves (from memory, it was you, joe, wasn't it?) pointed me in the direction of GIMP, a free Photoshop analogue, and the use of a good workhorse program made my graphics move forward in leaps and bounds. Then, with the addition of extra brushes and textures, my output more than doubled last year. I have to think [ profile] fififolle, especially, for her graphics beta work.

So a number of people got graphics birthday presents last year, and I took part, as an artist, in [ profile] numb3rs_bigbang. I hope to do even more graphics this year. *g*

So, in all, my fic production only went up 5500 words, but my artistic output skyrocketed, I took part in a number of challenges, and got roped into running last year's [ profile] primeval_denial Secret Santa by Fred. *veg*

All in all, I had a lovely fannish year in 2010 and hope that 2011 is the same. And Primeval returns tonight in the UK!!!


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