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Title: You Can't Keep... Telling Everyone You're Fine
Author: [ profile] lilacs_roses
Artist: [ profile] munchkinofdoom
Characters: Colby, Don, Lyn Potter (Blowback), Bonnie Parks (Breaking Point)
Rating: PG13 (Art only)
Warnings: Very low level violence
Author's Masterpost: here
[ profile] numb3rs_novella Masterpost: here

Artist's Note: For [ profile] numb3rs_novella's first challenge.

Thank you to [ profile] lilacs_roses for being such an understanding author as I did my usual business of putting idea after idea together and then abandoning them before settling on my final theme. The poor dear must have panicked a few times but didn't show it. *hugs*

You Can't Keep... Telling Everyone You're Fine )
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Title. Some Rain Must Fall
Author. [ profile] swingandswirl
Artist. [ profile] munchkinofdoom
Characters/Pairing. Ian/Colby, OCs (Gram, Mandy and Trey)
Rating. PG15 (Art only)
Warnings. While not explicit, the cover art references child sexual abuse, which some may find disturbing.
Masterpost link. Some Rain Must Fall

Artist's Note. Thank you, first and foremost, to [ profile] swingandswirl for being an utter dream to work with. Thank you, also, to [ profile] mustangcandi for rummaging through her screencaps with me, looking for both Colby and Ian pics. The Colby pic in the final banner is hers and is gratefully appreciated. And finally, thank you as usual to [ profile] fififolle and her red pen of doom. She is the best art beta ever!

Some Rain Must Fall Art )


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