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I hope you have an absolutely lovely day, sweetie, with your Mr FB home and the puppies all around you. *hugs*
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I hope you have a lovely day, sweetie, even though you're in the thick of huge changes!
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I hope you have a lovely day planned, sweetie, or at least a good weekend coming! *smooches*

Under the cut is a little something for you. Actually, it's pretty big. It's 1024x768, so let me know if it's the wrong size for a wallpaper...

Ryan wallpaper - Sunset )

Credits: pic from Shootastic. Texture/background by [ profile] misstarlight
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I hope you're having a lovely day, sweetie! *smooches*
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I hope you're having a lovely day, sweetie, and that Mr Ely and the dogs have something wonderful planned.

I have a little something for you under the cut... okay, so it's huge. *g*

Happy Birthday!! )

credits: texture by
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Happy Birthday Glitter Graphics -
Happy Birthday Glitter Graphics -

Have a lovely birthday, my darling Evil Twin! I'm still writing your birthday fic, so it may be a bit late. *shifty look*
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It's been an swful few months for you, but I hope you can enjoy your birthday. All the best today, *hugs*

If there is an icon or a graphic or somesuch that you'd like, just let me know.


Jan. 28th, 2011 12:08 am
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Thank you to [ profile] timespirt and [ profile] halftime1030 for the birthday balloons! And to [ profile] lavvyan and [ profile] forcryinoutloud for the cuddly baby otters. *smooches*
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Hi Andi! As requested, a few icons and a silly McShep manip for your birthday. *veg*

Clickie! )


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