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I just saw this on [ profile] lastrega's lj and couldn't help but agree. I've been lucky, I've always had a roof over my head. Not always enough to eat, and I was a ward of the state for almost all of my childhood, but I always had a home. Some aren't so lucky.

I also have a soft spot for Mission Australia. I had fun playing with their employment services division before I finally got the message that my body simply isn't going to allow me to work anymore. They were a great bunch of folk who do a great job without the pennypinching of some of the more commercial government funded employment agencies. is donating $1 - to a maximum of #100,000 - for each person who clicks on the donate button on the site. Just fill in the numbers (to prove you're not a bot) and follow the instructions.

Not sure if it will work for my overseas flist, but might be worth a go. *g*, Houses for the Homless


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