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[ profile] elysium1996 and [ profile] julietm! Your cards arrived today. *hugs my mad N3 troupe*

And [ profile] hellcats_punk!!!! I wrongly attributed your lovely kitty christmas card to bigtitch!!!! *headdesk* Fixed now. *hugs from the senile old retired Primeval perv*
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Thank you, [ profile] mustangcandi and [ profile] angeliksmall, for your Christmas cards! They both arrived on Friday, and are two entirely different cards. *g* Candi's was rude crude and hysterical while angeliksmall's was a lovely Christmas Kitten card. Which pretty much sums up how loony our little group is... *veg*

And [ profile] forcryinoutloud! Your gift of Lorne!icons was wonderful. Am still drooling... *happy leer*
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Thank you to the folk who have sent me Christmas cards... [ profile] paraka for the wee santa for a wee munchkin *g*, [ profile] kukalaka for the Advent card (I'm having fun opening the days) and to [ profile] enname for what looks to be a very elegant hand-made card!

They are all lovely! Thank you! *hugs*

And... Rain!!! The cat is back in the wardrobe, it is thundering overhead, raining outside, and there is a flooding advisory for folk to watch out for low lying areas.

This will hopefully dump more water in our dams. I just hope we don't get anything like the storm that Sydney got yesterday! *nods*
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Since there is less than a week left of November, I suppose I had better get organised. Which, for those who know me, is a big ask. *g*

So, this is my annual call-out for anyone on my flist who would like a Christmas card from me.

I'm assuming that all the Numb3rs girls who are on my postcard list would like a card. And that those who were on last year's list would like one too?

So, if you would like a Christmas card from Aussie please let me know below. If I don't have your snail mail details, or if your details have changed, please add them to the post.

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