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Author: [ profile] munchkinofdoom
Title: The Price
Recipient: [ profile] rodlox
Prompt: Pairings/Characters - post s3 Connor and pre s1 Helen (optional Ryan) (gen or het) - having fun in prehistory
Characters: Helen Cutter, Connor Temple, minor Nick Cutter
Rating: PG GEN
Word Count: 2830
Spoilers: Pretty much all of seasons 1 to 3, with vague mentions of season 4
Warnings: None.
Summary: Helen is given a chance to rewrite history.
Disclaimer: Primeval and its characters are the property of Impossible Pictures. No money is being made from this fanfic.
Author's Note: This is one of the joys of running an exchange – I get to choose what prompt I get to write! I took one look at post s3 Connor and pre s1 Helen and got seriously bunnied. As usual, I've taken some liberties with the prompt and so, instead of fun in prehistory, we have a Helen-centric series fix-it. But I hope you like it just the same, [ profile] rodlox. *crosses fingers*

Thank you, as usual, to [ profile] fredbassett for the beta. *smooches*

The Price )


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