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I hope you're having a wonderful day, sweetie! I'm hopelessly behind on birthday fics, but then I found some textures that I fell in love with, so...

The Therapod's birthday piccie!! )
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I've been on another graphics spree in GIMP and have been meaning to post these for a week or two now... *headdesk* Well, better late than never. Again, many thanks to my graphics beta [ profile] fififolle and her red pen of doom - any faults left are mine. *g*

The headers and icons are snerchable with credit, use as you will. Resources used are listed at the end of my Art Masterlist.

Clickie for graphics )
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Am posting this very early by your time, as it is time for me to go to bed. Have a lovely birthday, my dear. *smooches*

You had, on your birthday wishlist, a link to a pattern that you'd like to base your [ profile] mercimusing style on. So I've done you a header, and a few extras. *veg*

I hope you like...

Birthday header for merci )
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Yay! [ profile] mustangcandi made me a new LJ header for my birthday - Don, of course *g* - and I whipped up an icon to go with it. After fiddling endlessly with my colours, it's ready for it's big debut!

Go here and have a look:

*drools happily over Don, the Jeans for Justice, and handcuffs*

And now I'm finally off to bed...


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