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Another manip for the [ profile] primeval_denial Large Graphics Challenge, this time a 1024x768 Cutter wallpaper. And the next time I decide to play with so many leaves, people? Remind me about this one. *headdesk*

Again, thank you to [ profile] fififolle for her help and advice. Background from a pic off the internet. Cutter image courtesy of Shootastic.

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This is very late, but that's what happens when I get a bright idea on your actual birthday. *sigh*

So, some coverart for your Second Chances series. An 800x565px image.

Thank you, as ever, to [ profile] fififolle for her help and advice.

Second Chances )
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The first of three wallpapers I have planned. Below is the preview. Click on the link below it to go to the full-sized 1024x768 wallpaper.

Remember to click on the image again to see it full-sized.

Edit: Oops, forgot to credit Shootastic for the Connor pic! They have some amazing hi-res pics over there.


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