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It's about time I did one of these, considering I've helped quite a few others put their masterlist together. *g*

Upfront: the vast majority of my fic is Primeval, and m/m slash of various ratings, from PG to NC17. There are also a few Numb3rs and Supernatural fics.

Warnings: I will always warn for consent issues, rape, death fic, violence, and any other squicks or triggers that I remember at the time. This has included, to date, warnings for anything from societal discrimination to bugs. I am more than happy, if it looks like I didn't know to warn for something, to be poked to add it. While I happily write anything from fluff to outright horror, I don't want anyone to actually be hurt by my fic. If a reader has any concerns as to whether my writing may contain an issue that might trigger them, I am more than happy to be PM'd.

So, onward, and please note, this post is still under construction! *g*

Edited : 19th July 2011, Numb3rs/Primeval fic added.

The Munchkin's Fic Masterlist )
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Just a heads up - and to make sure I haven't stuffed up the 'mark out of order' command - to let everyone know that I've finally done my fic masterlist.

At this stage it is only Primeval, and is missing the comment fics that were posted in [ profile] primeval_denial only. It also doesn't link to our Silk & Steel universe, over in [ profile] fredbassett's LJ. So it's a work in progress at present...

The Munchkin's Fic Masterlist


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