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Thank-you to [ profile] irena_adler, [ profile] ts5000 and [ profile] fredbassett for allowing me to chew their ears off while I was writing this, and for betaing it afterward. Also an especial thank-you to [ profile] irena_adler for making the wonderful graphic that was born out of our IM chat! *hugs*

Also, for anyone who wonders about the State of Origin reference here is the wiki page. *g*

ETA 1: 2.54pm July 7th. [ profile] mercilynn, bless her, linked me back to an earlier version of this creed, then titled Fandom Terms of Service. They were posted in January 2006 so don't scare the poor girl!

ETA 2: July 9th. [ profile] bigtitch has posted her own, rather excellent, credo here.

Thoughts on the Fandom Rules - why they make me twitch. )


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