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I hope you're having a lovely day, sweetie, and that Mr Ely and the dogs have something wonderful planned.

I have a little something for you under the cut... okay, so it's huge. *g*

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credits: texture by
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Now that the voting for the [ profile] n3_donmegan Header Challenge is over and the new header announced, I can post these. *g*

Don/Megan headers )
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I've been on another graphics spree in GIMP and have been meaning to post these for a week or two now... *headdesk* Well, better late than never. Again, many thanks to my graphics beta [ profile] fififolle and her red pen of doom - any faults left are mine. *g*

The headers and icons are snerchable with credit, use as you will. Resources used are listed at the end of my Art Masterlist.

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Am posting this very early by your time, as it is time for me to go to bed. Have a lovely birthday, my dear. *smooches*

You had, on your birthday wishlist, a link to a pattern that you'd like to base your [ profile] mercimusing style on. So I've done you a header, and a few extras. *veg*

I hope you like...

Birthday header for merci )
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Title: Owned
Author/Artist: [ profile] munchkinofdoom
Media: 1000x366px Photo-manip
Fandom: Numb3rs
Pairing/Character: Don Eppes/OMC
Rating R (all characters depicted are adults)
Prompt: Captured on a raid don finds himself naked and collared. Round 12 prompt by [ profile] semaniac99
Kink: Collar
Warnings: Rape. While there is no explicit nudity or violence, I feel that where the scene is leading to is in no doubt, hence the warning.
Disclaimer: I do not own Numb3rs, no money is being made from this fannish endeavour.
Notes: Many thanks, again, to [ profile] fififolle for being my spare pair of eyes while I worked on this. *smooches*

Look's like I'm up first! *peers around, gulps, and hits post*

Owned )
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Snagged from adafrog

01. Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper at their LiveJournal.
02. Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
03. Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on!

Why this wallpaper? It was my birthday present from [ profile] angeliksmall and I love it dearly. Anyone who knows me, or even just looks at my LJ header, knows that Don from Numb3rs is one of my favourites, especially when he is in kevlar. Okay, so I'm shallow... *g*
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In a fit of industry, after helping [ profile] mercilynn change her layout, I've finally got around to uploading my new header and fiddling.

Ta da! The munchkin's new header!! And, yes, Milady Ely, it is kevlar!Don... *evil cackle*

That just leaves [ profile] fredbassett to sort out... *g*

ps: why, oh why, is there not a style with 'change borders' 'background image' or 'headers' and 'tags'!!!! Am I asking too much?
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So, after much scrabbling around in and then my PhotoShop, I bring you N3 picspam! This is all the new stuff I could find, minus the lone Liz pic and the lone Val Kilmer one. But on the subject of Kilmer? That was a syringe in his hand... *veg*

I should warn you, this isn't dial-up friendly! 12 pics, pretty much close to the original size. Only the few really big ones, which needed merging, have been resized, and then only minimally.

ETA: [ profile] admiralandrea requested the Val Kilmer pic. So now added. And I couldn't leave Liz out on her own, so you've got her too. *veg*

Promo pics )
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[ profile] mustangcandi? I'm assuming these are the pics you are talking about? *g*

For anyone interested, take and use at will. Bear in mind, these are big suckers!

Season 4 Colby pics from )


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