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That ear-piercing sound you hear coming from the general vicinity of the Pacific Ocean is me squeeing. *serious nod*

I got a parcel today. Enclosed was the 10 piece Anomaly Incursion set. Ryan, Stephen, Helen and assorted beasties. *tackle-glomps [ profile] bigtitch* You are an absolute sweetie!!!!

And Australia Post finally delivered a valentines card from The Evil Overlady, Milady [ profile] elysium1996, and it's pretty and sweet and everything. *hugs Ely*

And lastly, I got a hell of a shock when an email arrived from the Numb3rs Awards committee, considering I'm on said committee. One of my Numb3rs kevlar Don headers was nominated!!!! I've never been nominated before and am utterly shocked. *smooches whoever nominated me*


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