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In a fit of industry, after helping [ profile] mercilynn change her layout, I've finally got around to uploading my new header and fiddling.

Ta da! The munchkin's new header!! And, yes, Milady Ely, it is kevlar!Don... *evil cackle*

That just leaves [ profile] fredbassett to sort out... *g*

ps: why, oh why, is there not a style with 'change borders' 'background image' or 'headers' and 'tags'!!!! Am I asking too much?
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Hi, sweetie!

I ended up making two for you to look at, using those pictures I mentioned. *g*

You can take either one if you like them. And I can change the text along the top if you want to personalise it, like Gorenhouseygirls LJ or somesuch. They can also be resized if they're too wide.

And thank you to [ profile] elysium1996 for finding the small pictures and letting me use them! *hugs*

ETA: [ profile] admiralandrea asked for a couple of kevlar!don icons, so I've posted what I have lying around. *g*

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