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A few people have asked with concern about my situation, and I want everyone to know that I am not at risk.

Deception Bay is about half an hour north of Brisbane and well away from Wivenhoe Dam's run-off zone. We are far enough back for tomorrow's king tide not to effect us, and as of today we only have one road closure (mainly because that road is low-lying) even though it has been pelting down here since last week.

Areas around me are being effected, with Caboolture to the immediate north now completely cut off, and Burpengary, Strathpine and its surrounds experiencing flooding and/or isolation.

I am a veteran of the '74 floods and my thoughts are with Brisbane over the next couple of days, and my heart goes out to everyone in Toowomba, its surrounds and everyone who has already been effected by the flooding. Donations can be made here.
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Ummm... to the anonymous person who gave me virtual cake, thank you! I suspect it had something to do with the long and involved discussion on chocolate on FCOL's LJ but I'm not putting money on it.

And LJ's letting paid users give squirrel love, which I got from my darling [ profile] mercilynn! Now, if someone could please explain what the hell squirrel love means?
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*falls over laughing*

Thank you to [ profile] elysium1996 and [ profile] mercilynn for the virtual balloons!!!!
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That ear-piercing sound you hear coming from the general vicinity of the Pacific Ocean is me squeeing. *serious nod*

I got a parcel today. Enclosed was the 10 piece Anomaly Incursion set. Ryan, Stephen, Helen and assorted beasties. *tackle-glomps [ profile] bigtitch* You are an absolute sweetie!!!!

And Australia Post finally delivered a valentines card from The Evil Overlady, Milady [ profile] elysium1996, and it's pretty and sweet and everything. *hugs Ely*

And lastly, I got a hell of a shock when an email arrived from the Numb3rs Awards committee, considering I'm on said committee. One of my Numb3rs kevlar Don headers was nominated!!!! I've never been nominated before and am utterly shocked. *smooches whoever nominated me*
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Thank you, [ profile] mustangcandi and [ profile] angeliksmall, for your Christmas cards! They both arrived on Friday, and are two entirely different cards. *g* Candi's was rude crude and hysterical while angeliksmall's was a lovely Christmas Kitten card. Which pretty much sums up how loony our little group is... *veg*

And [ profile] forcryinoutloud! Your gift of Lorne!icons was wonderful. Am still drooling... *happy leer*
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*cackle* I promised to do this back in July! I did warn everyone that my middle name is Procrastination?

So, under the cut is my picspam of madame Cally, my feline companion and nemesis of 8 years.

madame Cally )
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Thank you to the folk who have sent me Christmas cards... [ profile] paraka for the wee santa for a wee munchkin *g*, [ profile] kukalaka for the Advent card (I'm having fun opening the days) and to [ profile] enname for what looks to be a very elegant hand-made card!

They are all lovely! Thank you! *hugs*

And... Rain!!! The cat is back in the wardrobe, it is thundering overhead, raining outside, and there is a flooding advisory for folk to watch out for low lying areas.

This will hopefully dump more water in our dams. I just hope we don't get anything like the storm that Sydney got yesterday! *nods*


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