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For the 2013 [ profile] primeval_denial Reverse Art Challenge.
For the [ profile] primeval_denial Art Prompt Challenge. Behind a cut since the original art is huge!

2 Fic headers and original art )
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I hope you have a lovely day planned, sweetie, or at least a good weekend coming! *smooches*

Under the cut is a little something for you. Actually, it's pretty big. It's 1024x768, so let me know if it's the wrong size for a wallpaper...

Ryan wallpaper - Sunset )

Credits: pic from Shootastic. Texture/background by [ profile] misstarlight
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Happy birthday, sweetie. There's a little something for you under the cut. *smooches*

Thank you, as usual, to [ profile] fififolle for her graphics betaing. And she'll know what the evil grin/baleful look is for... *falls over*

Partners )
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I hope you are having a lovely birthday, Reggie. Click the cut for a little present...

Happy birthday!! )
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I hope you are having a lovely birthday, sweetie! Click the cut for a little pressie in thanks for all your graphics betaing. *smooches*

Memories )
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Another manip for the [ profile] primeval_denial Large Graphics Challenge, this time a 1024x768 Cutter wallpaper. And the next time I decide to play with so many leaves, people? Remind me about this one. *headdesk*

Again, thank you to [ profile] fififolle for her help and advice. Background from a pic off the internet. Cutter image courtesy of Shootastic.

Prey )
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This is very late, but that's what happens when I get a bright idea on your actual birthday. *sigh*

So, some coverart for your Second Chances series. An 800x565px image.

Thank you, as ever, to [ profile] fififolle for her help and advice.

Second Chances )
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Spoilers under the cut, so proceed with caution!

Episode 3x03 )
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It looks like I can't count, as this was supposed to be four parts, but there's definitely one more after this, at least. *glares at bunnies*

Title: A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing part 4
Author: munchkinofdoom
Characters: Cutter, Stephen, Ryan, Abby, Lyle*, Ditzy*, Blade*, Kermit*, Captain Stringer*, an island full of OC's (*SF OCs)
Rating: PG15, Gen
Word Count: 3700 words
Warnings: Violence, Character death (not canon or Team!Ryan)
Spoilers: Nope!
Disclaimer: Primeval and its characters are the property of Impossible Pictures. Team! Ryan belongs to [ profile] fredbassett. No money is being made from this fanfic.
Author's Note: Again, many thanks to [ profile] fredbassett for the beta and, handholding, and info on weapons. Thank you again to [ profile] ts5000 for inspiring the end of this part too!

This is for the [ profile] primeval_denial Bonfire Challenge

Part 4 )


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