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Hokey dokey. Am doing another drive-by posting as I'm off brunching in the morning and better get to bed at a reasonable time tonight. Ah, the life of a social butterfly. *g*

The triumphant return of Mr Perky Nipples! )
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This is for my partner in crime [ profile] ts5000, to feed her Stephen-fetish now that I've finished the Ryan bits of episode 2.

There are going to be at least 2 posts... because I've got post 1 here and we still haven't got to Nick molesting comforting an injured Stephen, and we have yet to get to the triumphant return of Mr Perky Nipples!!!!

Onward! )
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Hokey dokey. As promised, Mr Perky Nipples (I can only assume that pool was very cold *g*) and all the scenes with Connor and Ryan in the same frame that I could lay my mouse on...

Request day )
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So. Today is the last of the episode 1 Ryan pics. 3 are lovely. 2 are for completeness... *headdesk*

Also, for [ profile] ts5000, the promised rifle!porn-Stephen pics. *hugs*

Tomorrow, Mr Perky Nipples himself, and just about every scene from episode 2 that Ryan and Connor were in the same frame for. 11 pics... *veg*

Gun!porn of various kinds... *g* )


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