Dec. 5th, 2007 03:47 pm
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Storm! Storm coming! Batten down the hatches!

I love summer storms. As long as they don't take out the power. *nods*

The cat has retreated to the wardrobe, thunder is rattling overhead, and I'm heaving a great sigh of relief that the retirement village driveway was cleaned last week, meaning less gunk to clog the drain outside my villa.

Hopefully no flooding this year...
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Okay. The next time I say, 'hopefully the storm tomorrow will do better', tell me to shut up. Seriously.

After 2 days of having the bloody storms pass us completely, nary a hint of rain, I jinxed us by opening my big fat mouth... *nods*

Because what hit us last night is being described by the Met office as a mini-cyclone. I noticed. Bit hard to miss, when there's hail hanging in my cat netting and the cat is buried in the pantry cupboard and we're without power for nearly 4 hours and I could only tell what was going on by listening to the news on the car radio...

Oh, and we almost flooded again. Leaf litter had built up on top of the drain, and running water added more, and the whole thing blocked. Fortunately a resident waded into the ankle-deep water and pulled the leaves out. I could then hear the water rushing through the drain from where I stood at my front door, a few metres away. There was a hell of a lot of water.

I can safely say that the summer storm season has arrived. The 17 hours of storms proved it... *nods*

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